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Optimally Playing Multiple Tables

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You do not need to be looking to become a professional online poker player to find it worth the try to learn how to play multiple tables.

It is inevitable for every player. One table is nice because it is the smallest amount of information you need to focus on, but when you begin to play multiple tables you will see you will win more money.

The more tables you play, the less of a win rate at each of these tables you will have. If you normally win at 5BB/100 at one table and move up to two, then you can expect to win at around 3BB/100 on those tables. But your total is still more than it was for one table at 5BB/100.

If you are interested in multitabling, it is crucial to pick a room with plenty of action like Full Tilt Poker. Because you need a lot of available tables to choose from. Below are a few tips on how to start optimally multi-table so that your expected value playing poker gets higher.

In the examples below we are referring to multitabling full ring games 9 or 10 seated. If you are playing 6 seats tables, note that games are significantly faster, so be careful. Heads-up, it is very hard to multi-table beyond four, and four already requires a lot of focus.

Start Small

You need to make sure that you start out with only one or two tables. One to begin with which shouldn't be too hard and then an additional one once you get in the hang of things. You are playing a very small range of hands when you play TAG so you will have a lot of down time in hands that you fold. Picking up the second table should be no sweat.

Four Tables

Four tables isn't that hard to manage and a lot of players are comfortable sticking with four. Four tables fit perfectly with no overlap at most poker rooms and everything is still very visible and easy to follow.

You shouldn't try to move up to four tables until you have played at two for a long while and have tried three. Once you feel comfortable with three and don't feel like you are making bad plays because of it give four tables a shot.

Six Tables

This is a personal favorite for how many tables to play. You get a lot of action going on and it is fast paced to keep you in the game. I don't recommend trying 6 tables until you are 100% sure that you can handle them. There is overlap when you do more than 4 unless you have a very big screen, so this is something that you will need to get used to. If you notice that you are timing out at all on 4-5 tables then stick with 4 and try more way later.


Don't feel embarrassed to adjust how many tables you play from time to time. There is nothing wrong if you experience up and down, moving from 6 tables to only 4 tables if you think you are not yet able to focus at 6 for whatever reason. You will lose more money by trying to stick with a lot of tables than you will make.

Playing your best game at the right amount of tables is very important because it takes a lot of focus and concentration. You have to be realistic with yourself. If you can't handle playing the amount of tables you are playing, then you need to play less. There is no need to be embarrassed because you will win more.

One of the best online poker rooms for multi-tabling is Full Tilt Poker. Because you want to see many active tables at the same time so you can choose


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Full Tilt Poker

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