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Full Tilt Poker Review

Top Online Poker Room

Full Tilt Phil Ivey

If you haven't already heard, Full Tilt Poker is one of the top online poker rooms in the world.

Full Tilt is just barely trailing behind PokerStars for the number one spot in the online poker industry. There are always tons of players at Full Tilt Poker's tables because the software is smooth and the promotions are great.

Any player looking to start playing poker seriously should definitely think about making Full Tilt Poker his pond to fish in. Right now when you sign up for an account at Full Tilt Poker you receive a 100% on up to $600 first time deposit bonus. This is just one of the promotions in which Full Tilt Poker gives their players free cash!

Full Tilt Poker Software

The software at Full Tilt is always being updated and upgraded for the enjoyment of the players.

The Full Tilt Poker tech team goes above and beyond the call of duty to always ensure that Full Tilt Poker is keeping up to date with all of the new technology that comes to the online poker industry. Full Tilt Poker software is cutting edge. You have all of the same old features that you know and love like bet pot buttons and player notes at the tables, but anything that is groundbreaking will be added soon enough guaranteed.

Full Tilt Pro avatar

Not only does the software system run well without any lag or disconnects, but also the graphics at Full Tilt are pretty great as well.

You have tons of different backgrounds that you can choose from while playing at the tables and also tons of cool avatars that can sit at the table for you. The lobby is very easy to navigate making it simple to get on the tables. You can also run multiple tables at Full Tilt Poker with ease, which means that you can maximize your expected value and win rate!

Full Tilt Poker Promotions

One of the best features about Full Tilt Poker is the fact that they strive to offer great incentives for players to choose their room over the competition. One of the best offers that they have is the 100% on up to $600 first time Full Tilt Poker deposit bonus. This is a great means of free cash to start building your bankroll.

Another great promotion that Full Tilt Poker offers is Full Tilt Points. These points are earned for frequent play and can be spent in a few different ways. You can either spend your points to enter into special FTP tournaments, or you can save them and use them in the Full Tilt pro shop.

Full Tilt offers tons of huge cash tournaments. Once a week at Full Tilt you can play in the Full Tilt Poker million dollar guaranteed tournament along with the $750,000 dollars tournament as well. These are both on Sunday and you can win a seat in them through the daily qualifiers and satellites. If you are a serious player then Full Tilt lets you show it by building your Iron Man points, where you can get special privileges for the Iron Man level you are on!

There are also tons of other temporary promotions going on at Full Tilt that are always changing, giving you new options to strike it rich.

Full Tilt Poker Traffic

There is plenty of traffic at Full Tilt Poker! This is one of the main reasons that Full Tilt Poker is one of the top two online poker rooms in the world! But they are number one for high stake games.

All of the micro limit games are littered with extremely weak players. As you move up in limits and progress out of the micros you will begin to see more regulars since the site is so popular. This is no real drawback though, because you can simply avoid playing against these players. Full Tilt Poker offers tons of competition for you to develop your bankroll and your playing skill with.

Full Tilt Rush Poker

Another great feature about Full Tilt is their new Rush Poker. Rush Poker is a poker player's dream comes true.

Whether you are playing in a Rush Poker cash game or a Rush Poker tournament, you will truly love the experience. Rush Poker is a fast paced game in which when you fold you will quickly be moved to another table where you can get in on another hand right away. This is a great way to learn the game and to stay active on the tables. Rush Poker guarantees you to be in the action as much as possible at Full Tilt Poker.

Sign up for Full Tilt Poker today and see why the whole world loves this online poker room. With tons of great promotions and weak players at the site you can't go wrong. Get your head in the game and start playing at Full Tilt Poker.


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Full Tilt Poker

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Rush Poker at Full Tilt

Try Rush Poker, the new form of poker invented at Full Tilt.

At a rush poker table you will never have to wait while watching other players finish their hand. When you want to muck your hole cards, simply press the quick fold button and you will be moved to a fresh table. Your hand will be folded for you when it is your time to play at the initial table you where sitting at.

Savvy players can make money at Rush Poker if they know how to adapt their strategy to this fast paced poker variation.