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Poker Strategy

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At poker game plus, you will find poker strategy articles where you can read about specific strategic concepts. Read these articles as this will help you improve your poker emotions and skills.

In poker, it is important to seek moves that are positive expected value, statistically speaking unlike blackjack strategy for example which is a simple case of following the cards. Expected value is the "average" outcome of the hand you are playing, i.e. the outcome if you play the same hand a large number of times. On the other hand poker variance is the pure randomness element of the game. This rings true in both physical poker games as well as poker played at online casinos.

One very simple example of expected value is the coin flips in poker. As there is an even chance for any of the two opponents to win the hand in a so-called coin flip, the expected value is zero.

One key for poker success is to see patterns in how people play their hands. These betting patterns reveal a lot about the underlying strength of your opponents if you learn how to recognize them.

Slow playing is a move often used by new players trying to extract maximal value from their strong hands, but it is a dangerous play. So use it at your own risk. On the other hand something that all regular online poker players do is multi-tabling. But you should not just multi-table for the sake of it. Instead you need to put some thinking into it so that you multi table optimally.

Another difficult move is to know how to play the turn in cash games. Read this article for an advanced cover of the turn which often entice difficult decisions. Many players are afraid to play heads-up poker, but this is not so difficult if you have the right heads-up poker strategy.

If you understand well all above concepts, good for you. But it is one thing to understand poker theory, and another to apply it correctly. This is why it is important to fix your poker leaks, in other words all consistent mistake that you keep on doing and that cost you money.

Now that you are equipped with some poker wisdom, it is time to practice. Why not joining one of the top online poker rooms like Full Tilt Poker for a game of poker or two?

And remember that beyond strictly poker strategy concepts, one crucial element to make good money at online poker is aggressive bankroll management. Both up and down. Make sure that you change limits fast in order to optimize your bankroll or even try othre formats like fixed limit holdem.

Also do yourself a favor and learn the odds of hands in poker. Hence you will be able to recognize when the pot is offering you proper money for your draws and you increase your chances at being profitable. Last but not least, read about the top ten gambling songs for a change of tempo. Or check Paddy Power Poker.

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Your hand will be automatically folded for you when it is your turn to play at the initial table.

Rush Poker requires a special strategy if you want to make money at it, and you can as most players do not play this new poker game format very well.