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Three Best Poker Sites for New Players

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This list is for those who are eager to start playing and don't want to learn all the factors that go into choosing the best poker site or even read my in-depth reviews. It's OK, I understand, gambling is a lot more fun than reading.

These are also good recommendations for players looking to start off playing very low stakes, even if you aren't new to poker. There is likely to be at least one option that fits your needs.

It is free to make accounts at the sites and you can decide to play for real money whenever you want. It is a great way to figure out which site has software that you like.

Party Poker

Party Poker is the third largest poker site in the world and is publicly traded on the London Stock Exchange. As you would expect from a market leader, the software and customer service is above average.

The top reason we recommend it to low stakes players is because they have very low rake for microstakes no limit hold'em cash games. This makes up for the fact that there is no rakeback - it is better to pay less rake in the first place than pay more and get some percentage back later. (Not recommended for Mac users - pick either of the below sites)

Bottom Line: Excellent first choice for a new online poker player with a small starting bankroll. Eurocentric, but has plenty of players from all over the world.

NoiQ Poker

Despite the silly name, NoiQ has a lot to offer to a low stakes player. 30% rakeback combined with a beneficial rake structure, for example. NoiQ will have more than enough players for you to play poker with, and because it is not one of the five largest poker networks, the fish to shark ratio is advantageous.

The only reason we rate Party higher than NoiQ is that the lowest stake NLHE game is 4nl. If you have the recommended 200 euro bankroll, I'd say go for it. NoiQ Poker is on the Entraction Network, which, just like Party Poker, trades publicly.

Sign up for rakeback even if you just want to try out the software - it could cost you later if you don't.

Bottom line: Probably most profitable option for a European player playing the very lowest stakes, but the responsible bankroll needed to start is higher than other sites.


Pokerstars is largest and most reputable poker site in the world.

So, why am I listing this third? Because the Pokerstars VIP program isn't very valuable to amateur low stakes players and the ability to play as many as 24 tables attracts a lot of winning players. That being said, Pokerstars has the lowest rake for low stakes no limit hold'em and the best customer service in the industry. This is the best option for those who don't play during the European peak hours - the popularity of Pokerstars ensures that the tables will be filled at all hours of the day.

Bottom line: Good option for non-Europeans, tougher games and lower benefits are mitigated by excellent service, reputation and immense popularity

By the way, another thing that keeps online poker enthusiasts busy these days is predicting which US state will be next to legalize poker on the web. There are a few sites around that keep tabs on the progress of large states like California and New York . Worth looking out for those in 2016, I heard a lot has been happening on that front.


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