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Emotionless Poker

Know to Hide your Emotions

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Even though emotionless poker may not be the most marketable name for a new poker site, it is without a doubt the best way of playing the game.

Experienced players will have witnessed the most obvious manifestation of online emotion - going on tilt - and may have suffered from it themselves. But it is the contributing factors of hope and greed which are the two biggest killers for an aspiring poker player; they detract from truly playing to the best of your ability and ultimately result in disappointment and loss.

In the anonymity of the poker world, finding players who play their cards with their hearts - rather than their heads - can be exceptionally lucrative.

See emotions in online poker

Discovering players on your table with pseudonyms that include the words "Lucky", "Chance" or "Money" does not guarantee that they are poor poker players, but gives you an insight into where their priorities lay when they started creating their table persona. The same would apply to players who are somebodyīs "Mom", Nan" or "Dad".

Their choice of avatar can also indicate emotion.

Pictures of kids, dogs and cats are obviously transparent, and on online poker sites where there is a choice of hooded, ipod-wearing poker players or cigar-smoking gamblers fails to disguise the latterīs approach to the task at hand. If you pay attention to the way in which these "emotionable" players play their cards, and observe their choices of opening cards when a hand comes to showdown, you will be able to pick them off to your advantage.

Noticing players who display hope and greed can be particularly useful should they become short-stacked opponents in a multi table poker tournament. Hopeful players may sit and wait until they are virtually blinded out before making their final shove. Greedy players will feel that their opportunities in this particular game have passed them by and will shove as soon as they are short-stacked to get out of the game and go and be greedy elsewhere.

Both types of players tend to be loose in their betting action. The hopeful player would be regarded as loose passive - sometimes completing a hand on the late community cards to give them the encouragement they need to continue betting in this way. Greedy players are the more loose aggressive type of player - easy to ignore until you have a good hand in a late position - enabling to rip huge chunks of his chip stack away from him. He is the easiest player to put on tilt.

There is also an online emotion known as "reverse tilt". This is where any player has won several hands in a row and starts to believe they are invincible. They will begin to enter hands they should never get involved with, and it is worth adding these players to your list of opponents that can prove beneficial to take on. If you can maintain control in the way in which you play your game, and identify those who advertise that they are playing with their emotions, your losses will be fewer and your wins greater. Just donīt celebrate them too joyously!

Full Tilt Poker

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Rush Poker at Full Tilt

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At a rush poker table no wasted time or waiting time for better cards. Whenever you do not like your cards, hit the "quick fold" button and you will be instantly moved to a fresh table. Your hand will be automatically folded for you when it is your turn to play at the other table.

Rush Poker is good because it is fast but also making profits is easy as most players do not play this new game optimally. As a special strategy is needed if you want to make moneyat rush poker.