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Top 10 Gambling Songs

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Gambling has really worked its way into our culture like it was just as important as breathing.

There isn't too often when you can go through a day without hearing something related to gambling.

The world has been more apt to chasing the dream and trying to become rich the quick way by playing poker and hitting casinos all around.

Gambling has especially been applied to music in the last years. There are tons of songs out that have some relevance to gambling and we have come up with the top 10 best gambling songs. Here they are.

  1. Poker Face - Lady Gaga sings in her seductive manner about her bisexuality and her ability to convince a man that she is into him by using her "poker face" while she is in love with and fantasizes over a woman. This is one of the most current popular songs that is related to gambling.

  2. Viva Las Vegas -This Elvis Presley hit is about hitting the strip in good ole Las Vegas. Who doesn't want to hit the casinos and make it big out there?

  3. The Gambler - This is a song by Kenny Rogers that is about an ex poker player who meets a gambler on the road who is "out of aces". The man offers the gambler some advice telling him to "know when to hold'em and know when to fold'em."

  4. Luck Be A Lady - This Sinatra song is about a gambler who has his and his dream girl's future on the line in the form of a bet. There aren't too many people who don't know the words to this incredible song about poker emotions.

  5. Ace of Spades - This song by Motorhead is about how a card player isn't looking for anything but his one out, the ace of spades. He continues in the song to tell his opponent that all he is going to see is the ace of spades!

  6. House of the Rising Sun - This Animals song is about how gambling can be really fun and a great pass time, but if you become addicted it can become a real pain and can take over your life.

  7. Lonesome Loser - This song by the Little River Band is about a man whose love is always being beaten by the queen of hearts just like he always loses to it in poker. Poor guy.

  8. Blackjack - Ray Charles sings this song about how no matter how much money he makes is taken from him on the blackjack tables. Whether he earns a quarter or thousands of dollars, blackjack takes it from him.

  9. The Card Cheat - This song by The Clash is about a man who cheats at poker by having a card hidden up his sleeve. When he pulls the king out, the whole dynamics of the game change because he is a cheater! The dealer catches him and puts him to death!

  10. The Cincinnati Kid - Ray Charles wrote this song about a man who is looking for the love of his life. He uses the metaphor of poker and talks about winning a huge "pyramid pot" to become king of the green and to win the queen of hearts.

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