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Legends of Poker Turn to Bingo

A new opportunity

Poker Bingo

For professional poker players there is nothing like catching a full house on the river card to beat a table of rivals in a final showdown. While the saying goes that practice makes perfect, it seems as though increasing numbers of poker players are turning to an unlikely source of entertainment in their spare time: online bingo.

At their regular poker tables, even novices will be reluctant to go full tilt and play fast and loose. Playing full tilt is the most dangerous of liaisons for poker players, yet in bingo players aspire to it. The faster the game the better, as players hasten to mark numbers off their cards to beat the other players to the all important line full house or special pattern, depending on the game being played.

This variety is another key reason why increasing numbers of poker players are switching to online bingo. New ideas and innovative games like Bejewelled Slots mean that new players are flocking daily to online bingo halls to sample the atmosphere and new games that are being brought to the fore by the bingo providers.

The ease of access to the games - including various sign-up bonuses and promotions - is another key reason why poker players are making the switch to online bingo. Once registered with their selected site, players realise that a simple click here or there allows them access to a host of fun and fresh features.

The features and promotions all serve to grease the engines of the bingo prize winning machine, but it is the social aspect of bingo which really gets players returning to each site. In online poker, the tendency is for gamers to play hush-hush - unless a player is particularly aggressive - not wishing to reveal their strategy to the other players. Online bingo is much more inclusive, with in-game chat functions allowing players to pass comments and praise on to their fellow competitors. Playing against the house allows this inclusiveness, something which poker players often find as a release to playing their cards close to their chests.

The chance to play fast and loose at full tilt, the sheer variety of games, ease of access and the social factor are the key reasons why even professional poker players are turning to online bingo. The sheer differences is not merely the games themselves, but also the manner in which they are played are proving too much to resist for gamers worldwide.

Phil Ivey

Player of the Month

Full Tilt Phil Ivey

Given that Phil Ivey was already believed to be the best poker player alive at a young age of 27 years old, that his all time winnings in tournaments are almost the highest ever, and that he has 8 WSOP bracelets under his belt (or rather at his wrists), it seems a safe bet that he will break all records in his lifetime.

Phil Ivey has won eight WSOP bracelets. Only five players have won more bracelets, but they are all way older than Ivey. The record holder Phil Hellmuth has eleven, but he is more than a decade older than Phil Ivey, and most believe the young gun will get at least 12 bracelet.

You can watch Phil Ivey playinga at Full Tilt Poker.