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Playing the Turn in Cash Games

advanced strategy

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The effective way to play the turn in cash games varies depending on the situations that you are put into.

It depends on the type of player you are perceived as and what style of player your opponent is. If your opponent is a very aggressive player, then maybe you will want to just smooth call or make a small raise to his bet that looks like a steal with the nuts or a big hand. If you are playing in position and just smooth call a turn bet that puts you at a great advantage and confuses your opponent as to what to do on the river.

When a player is out of position and does not have that strong of a hand, he will become uncomfortable to big river bets, and even with strong hands may lay them down if the board looks like it brought out a draw.

If you make an over bet on the turn, for the most part that can be interpreted as the player having a big pair or a hand like top pair with top kicker.

The reason for the big over bet on the turn is so that if your opponent is drawing at you you'll want to end the hand right there and not see any other cards that could potentially make your opponent's hand, or get you stuck into the pot as what to do next.

The only problem with the over bet on the turn in cash games is that you lose equity on the play if your opponent has a hand he will call maybe a ½ pot sized bet with.

Sure you can end the hand, but what if you can get him to call a mid-sized bet, and have him miss his draw. You can then check to him on the river, and most players will almost always bluff at the pot. You can make an easy call, and pick up more money in the end for playing the hand that way. So the option of the playing a big hand strong on the turn is something you should shy away from unless you have an opponent who is willing to put his money in behind, and with drawing hands.

When you can gain the least is from a massive check raise on the turn putting your opponent to a big test. If you float the flop out of position then check raise the turn, you are representing a more then made hand, and most likely the nuts because you are blowing through his 2nd shell at the pot. When you make a play like that you will have to be convinced that your opponent will not lay down his hand.

At this point it is almost never a bluff unless the player is a genius and picked up something about their opponents range of hands that they open pots with. But, besides that, it is one of the strongest betting patterns in poker today and one that you should only use if you're hand has gotten there.

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