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Full Tilt High Stakes

The highest games on the Web: Plenty of carnage

Full Tilt Pro

Since its inception in 2004, Full Tilt Poker has established itself as the biggest rival to PokerStars. Although the latter boasts a higher volume of players, Full Tilt attracts the nosebleed stakes adrenaline junkies, and so the high stakes games have a special aura about them.

Headlined by the charismatic Daniel Negreanu, PokerStars offers an impressive roster of pros that includes Barry Greenstein, Jason Mercier, and more recently poker's prodigal son Isildur1. But Full Tilt Poker markets itself as a site built by the pros, for the pros. Every player on the Team Full Tilt roster is a stellar name.

Full Tilt is home to poker's biggest ever tournament money winner Erik Seidel, the game's most feared youngster Tom Dwan, and arguably poker's greatest mind Phil Ivey. Under the astute guidance of founder Howard Lederer, Full Tilt has developed into the place of choice for the high stakes regular.

Who is part of the Full Tilt high stakes scene? Team Full Tilt members Ivey, Dwan, Patrik Antonius and Gus Hansen are regulars on the high stakes tables. With $20 million and $10 million in online poker winnings respectively, Ivey and Antonius are probably the most sought after players.

Hansen, who has been crudely labelled a 'stupid fish' by temperamental Finn Ilari 'Ziigmund' Sahamies, has put a tumultuous high stakes career behind him in 2011 by making a $2 million profit. It's not just Team Full Tilt who add to the glamour of high stakes poker.

Esteemed poker coach Phil Galfond, who is part of the Bluefire Poker instructional site and was the only player restricted from taking up the 'durrrr challenge' is a regular as 'OMGClayaiken'. The Cardrunners crew are a shrewd bunch, and include the likes of Brian Townsend, Brian Hastings and David Benefield.

Young gun Dan 'Jungleman' Cates is a relative newcomer to the nosebleed stakes scene, but has already made his mark by leading Dwan in the second episode of the 'durrrr challenge'. Other personalities that grace the Full Tilt high stakes scene include the Dang brothers, Ziigmund and the obnoxious Luke 'FullFlush' Schwartz.

2009 symbolised the pinnacle of high stakes carnage at Full Tilt. Two unknown Swedes known for their hyper-aggressive/maniac playing styles took to the virtual felt. Unsurprisingly, sharks in the form of Ivey, Dwan and Antonius amongst others took to the waters to prey on 'Martonas' and 'Isildur1'.

After a brief upswing, Martonas fell by the wayside. The rise and demise of Isildur1 was far more spectacular. After reaching a peak of more than $5 million in profit, he was ravaged by Brian Hastings for $4 million in a single session.

Controversy erupted as it was revealed that Hastings had trawled through hand histories with fellow Cardrunners member Townsend in an attempt to identify leaks in the Swede's game. Isildur1 has since recovered from his $6 million deficit and joined PokerStars.

Although he plays regularly in 'PokerStars Showdown' matches, it is at the more modest blind level of $50/$100. The audacious days of multi-tabling Ivey, Antonius and Dwan at $500/$1000 are gone. The high stakes action has endured a bit of a lull on Full Tilt in 2011, mainly due to frequent absence of Ivey and Dwan. However young hotshots such as Cates and 'Urnotindanger' have come to the fore.

Full Tilt offers the most scintillating high stakes action. The highest PLO and NLH games on PokerStars are $200/$400. Full Tilt trumps that by offering $500/$1000 heads-up and six max tables. There are special tables reserved for the biggest names, such as the 'Ivey Thunderdome', 'Thundurrrrdome' and 'Hansen Knockout'. Hundreds of railbirds can be seen spamming the chatbox when the pros are in town.

Full Tilt also boasts the ultimate poker experience in the form of the $1500/$3000 10-Game, which incorporates basically every poker variant. A recent software update added more drama to the games by offering a 'run it twice' feature.

You may be a long way from achieving high stakes poker stardom. But if you do, then the Full Tilt games will be hard to ignore.

Full Tilt Poker

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Rush Poker at Full Tilt

Play Rush Poker, the new form of poker invented by full tilt poker.

At a rush poker table you will never be bored waiting for your next hole cards. Whenever you do not like them, press the quick fold button and you will be instantly transferred to a fresh table.

Your hand will be automatically folded for you when it is your turn to play at the initial table.

Rush Poker requires a special strategy if you want to make money at it, and you can as most players do not play this new poker game format very well.