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Aggressive Bankroll Management

Make the most of your poker bankroll

Full Tilt Pro

Now there is a lot to bankroll management when you are a poker player. You want to make sure you have 30 buy ins for the limit that you are playing.

When you go below this amount you are supposed to move down in limit. When you have 30 buy ins at the next limit, you should move up. This is the basic principle of poker bankroll management. It's all quite boring and dull a poker strategy.

A true poker player does not follow this set of rules and has a wiser quicker plan at managing their bankroll. A true poker player knows how to take shots and make moves through the limits. A true poker player practices aggressive bankroll management.

Be more aggressive with your bankroll

The faster you move up in limits, the quicker you are working with larger stack sizes. When you move up in limits, you are playing with a much bigger stack yourself and are risking it against the larger stacks of your opponents.

When you move up in limits, your win rate will drop a bit or stay close to the same, but the amount of money you win will be double the old amount. This makes it obvious that you want to play higher limit games as fast as you can so that you are always allowing yourself to win the most you can afford to risk. In other words this strategy has a positive expected value. Like multi-tabling.

When practicing aggressive bankroll management instead of moving up at 30 buy ins to the next limit that you would play in, you will instead move up at 27. Some players will even do 25 buy ins and take a shot, but it is recommended only trying at 27 or more if you aren't experienced in this.

When you take this shot all you need to do is win a few buy ins and you are properly bankrolled to play the limit. If you lose a buy in or two then you move back down in limits. If you go on a heater and crush the games, you could surely cruise into the higher limit with ease.

Learn to move up and down faster

You need to learn how important it is to move back down when you are playing with an aggressive bankroll method. If you allow yourself to lose too many buy ins at the higher limit before you are properly bankrolled to play it, then you could seriously crush your dreams of playing professional poker because you then run the risk of going bust or playing much lower limits.

As long as you are keeping a set amount of money to have to lose before you move down and how much you have before you move back up, you will never bust. When you break these rules is when you jeopardize your bankroll, so make sure that you are extremely strict with yourself.

Practicing aggressive bankroll management is not extremely important in the sense of playing good poker, but it is fantastic in the sense of winning more money.

As stated above, as long as you can be strict with yourself and follow rules once set, you should be cruising through the limits in no time. You are as aggressive as you can be in each hand of poker. Take it to the next level and start showing some aggression with your bankroll as well.

Full Tilt Poker

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Rush Poker at Full Tilt

Rush Poker is a new poker variation only offered at Full Tilt Poker.

When you sit down at a rush poker table, you will have almost to idle time. Because any time you do not want to play your hole cards, you will fold and you be instantly transferred to another table, with new opponents and new cards.

And if you do not like your cards again, you can repeat this process until you have great cards. No more so-called "card dead" series, or at least such series will unwind very fast.

Rush Poker is great not just because it is fast, but also because this is a profit opportunity for the savvy players who learn how to beat this game. As a different poker strategy is required to be profitable playing rush poker.